Recycle Life


How to recycle life to do lot more in a single life?

Recycling life itself may sound extreme to everyone but not to Mr Khallas

If you can not fly, take many small leaps!

If a simple hawker can recycle his money two or three times a day to maximise his returns  on money why cannot we recycle life to gain maximum out of us?

We have been experimenting to recycle life by assuming that we only have three years to live. If we survive a three year cycle we might get one extra day as a bonus in our next life cycle.

Our targets have become simple, time bound and managable. The priorities are much more clear. If we have worked hard but the results are not to our expectation we might get another life to improve upon it !!

Did you ever think to recycle life? Can it make your life simple and more enjoyable?


philosophy-the-khallas-way-is-real-fun-with-creative-ideas-and-definitions-thumbnail  Through his philosophical views Mr Khallas provides a very interesting definition of child - Thumbnail Mr Khallas philosophy relates spirituality to an extreme form of challenge - Thumbnail  Plus (+)  is the philosophy of providing extra to achieve excellence in views of Mr Khallas - Thumbnail  Recycling life itself may sound extreme to everyone but not to Mr Khallas - Thumbnail

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