Mrs Khallas | Shalini Johari

Mrs Khallas urf Shalini Johari urf Mafia Queen

Mrs Khallas or Mafia Queen.

Married to myself hence Mrs Khallas, also known as Mafia Queen among our unit family due to her affectionate influence, not only on our unit family but also over entire extended family and friend circle, was born and brought up in a reputed joint family. Her poetries reflect emotions, patience, empathy and complexities of relations that are rare to cellular society of modern era.

I have struggled to find any common ground in both of our thinking but we have lived happily so far by not influencing each other. In one way it somewhat helps us to have broader understanding on an issue. Before you embark on her poems you might find it interesting to know a little bit about her:

Personal Information

Marital status: Married Happily (Once is good so far since 1986)
Nationality: Dual – Australian & Indian
Age: Younger by Look & Mature by Behaviour
Place of Birth: 27.5000° N, 78.7500° E


Be a human first and make people of all age & profession, around me, happy and feel important by providing the care & affection they need.


Place of Study or learning for Mrs Khallas

Learned more from Taj than Dayalbag University

1983 -1985: Dayalbag University – City of the Great Taj Mahal
Bachelor of Arts – Hindi Language & Sitar (Traditional Classical Indian String Instrument)

I represented my University in Instrumental Music category and was offered job as Lecturer even before completing the Degree.

I nourished myself and my hostel mates with the rich fruits stolen from the garden in the vicinity of my hostel for entire two year of my stay in hostel while completing the degree.

Awards received

Sitar by Mrs Khallas

Sitar – Her weapon of mass distruction

Two beautiful, talented and caring kids one already serving in Australian Army. One and only one bald and so called Khallas husband.

I am loved by my unit family as well as extended family. I am considered as a very trusted friend in my social circle. I am keenly sought after and respected in social gathering.

I have also collected some brass and other metals considered precious by the society during my journey of life.

Interests and activities

Quick healthy and tasty food by Mrs Khallas

It all began with experiments.

I enjoy cooking, dressing up, shopping, listening and watching musical programmes. I still manage to get time for my creative writing mostly in the format of poetry. I have very keen aesthetic sense that helps to provide the required impact to the presentation of my work.


Refined but simple, understood by almost 2/3rd population of the world, using Hind, Urdu and English.

Work experience

Caring for kids is the profession of Mrs Khallas

Kids deserve care.

1995 till Date – Child Care Provider through Family Day Care & Child Care Centres

Most families who have taken my services are still keeping in touch with me and are helping me by providing reference to their relatives and friends.

Volunteer experience

By the grace of god so far I have been voluntarily doing my jobs as mentioned under work experience.


Poetries-by-Mr-Khallas-and-his-family-and-friends-enforcing-creativity-is-fun-thumbnail poems-by-Mrs-Khallas-thumbnail  Hindi poetry on dishonesty by Mrs Khallas-Thumbnail Hindi poetry on memories by Mrs Khallas-Thumbnail Hindi poetry on relationship by Mrs Khallas-Thumbnail Hindi poem on Pain by Mrs Khallas-Thumbnail Hindi poem on ma or mother by Mrs Khallas-Thumbnail Hindi poems on advice by Mrs Khallas-Thumbnail Hindi poems on God or Khuda by Mrs Khallas-Thumbnail Hindi poems on life or zindgi by Mrs Khallas-Thumbnail Hindi poems on confusion by Mrs Khallas-Thumbnail

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