बछिआ के ताऊ | Bachia ke Tau – Abhay Johari


Through his poems bachia ke tau urf Abhay Johari brings the everyday experience of life My elder brother hence tau of my daughter. Having encountered enormous challenges provided by Indian Forest Services and life itself his poem brings the everyday experience of life in such a natural way that you will find a strong connection with all his poetries.

I made a commitment to my elder brother that I would call my daughter “Bachia” so that I can legally call him “Bachia ke Tau” and still get away without any unpleasant consequences. Today I am creating this page to bring some amazing work of art by my favourite Bachia ke Tau.


Poetries by Mr Khallas and his family and friends enforcing creativity is fun - thumbnail Poems-by-bachia-ke-tau-urf-Abhay-Johari-Thumbnail In his poem titled इमारत | Imarat – Home Bachia Ke Tau takes up on one of the basic necessities of every creature -Thumbnail In his poem titled ख़ुशी | Khushi – Happiness Bachia Ke Tau defins the deceptive nature of happiness -Thumbnail Bachia Ke Tau brings the never ending expectations from the loved ones through his poem titled तेरी अदा | Teri Ada – Your Style - Thumbnail

PoetryBachia Ke Tauइमारतख़ुशीतेरी अदा