Creativity is Fun




Creativity is fun

Welcome anyway, knowing though you have accidentally come to my site, The Khallas Way is all about Creativity is Fun and surely you noticed this in the header image. My name is Atul Johari. My friends call me Atulanand Maharaj mainly due to my unrelenting nonsense philosophical nagging on anything and everything unless they surrender publicly and start chanting loudly in chorus:

 “Bolo Atulanand Maharaj Ki Jai.” 


Bolo Atulanand Maharaj Ki Jai

Unfortunately this is not the end or their torture as I have found a new way of inflicting pain by pouring my original poetries created under the name Khallas. Once again these poems tell the same story that I have been telling them for years but this time in a very funny way. Don’t be scared this is just my point of view, you are the best judge, so go for it devour every page, curse me or send me hate emails and finally recommend this site to everyone you hate. Yep! You got it right; share it through your Facebook. Enjoy your evil smile and spread nonsense like chain reaction.

“Long live Khallas.”


Save me from Khallas

Oh! I forgot to tell you about the downside of this site. I have also included creative work and poetries composed by my family members and friends who I have envied all along, just because their work make lot of sense to others. I know that you know but please do not tell anyone that I even copied the title of this site from the famous book The Toyota Way that explains how Toyota became the world leader in auto industry. So what is wrong with it – Not everyone can afford to buy original brand. Remember this site is completely free. What more you can expect free apart from:


Original collection of poetry in Urdu, Hindi and English.


New definition and meanings to relationships and philosophies.

Fine Arts

Amazing creativity in the form of Painting, Photography and Caricatures.

Indian Cooking Made Easy

An attempt to simplify Indian cooking by a very innovative approach


Some family photographs and hence need password to look into.


I wish you all the best to come out clean from my attempt to spread the infectious laughter around. Have fun with creativity.

Yours Rejected – Khallas.


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